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Arriving in a new country can be stressful and finding a community of like-minded people is essential for most digital nomads. Digital Nomads Peru is a website for digital nomads who want to spend some time in Peru but also for people who are looking for information about the digital nomad lifestyle. How is it possible to combine work with travel, be productive and creative while enjoying life. Peru is a great place for new nomads because the cost of living is not very high and most parts of the country are pretty safe even for female solo travelers.  Especially Lima has a rich cultural life, great co-working spaces and the reputation to be the food capital of Latin America. Doesn’t that sound awesome? 

Here's what you can find on the website:

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Are you interested in becoming a digital nomad? Do you want to know how to combine work and travel effectively? Be inspired by our articles. We love this lifestyle but we also talk about the downsides and difficulties, no matter whether is business-related or about friendships and romantic relationships.

Digital Nomad Interviews

With our series Digital Nomad Interviews, we give people of different professional, cultural and personal backgrounds the opportunity to share their stories and show you that nothing should hold you back from pursuing your dream of becoming location-independent. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to be featured.

Digital Nomad Business

Working and earning globally is fascinating but also challenging. In the Digital Nomad Business section, you find articles about possibilities to set up and run a company in Peru as a digital nomad but also about options in other countries as well as information about receiving payments and paying taxes.

Tips for Peru

We aim to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free arrival in Peru. We know the needs of digital nomads and provide you with all the information you need to have a great time in Peru and especially in Lima which is where we are based. However, you'll also find guides for other nomad-friendly cities such as Cusco or Arequipa.

Residency Peru

Are you thinking about getting a residence permit for Peru? Our team member Sergio is one of Peru's best immigration lawyers who shares his expertise on the website and can help you with everything you need. By the way, Peru allows you to change your status from tourist to resident while being in the country with a tourist visa.


Coming to a new country can be an adventure and it's always good to know there are people you can contact if you have questions or something unexpected happens. Join our Facebook group, connect with other nomads and find out about local events and meet-ups. We're looking forward to welcoming you.


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