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Digital Nomads Guides

The Digital Nomads Guides were written by nomads for nomads. They provide you with all necessary information to settle in quickly in the city of your choice. Don’t waste your time and money figuring out basic things.

Also available: Montevideo/Uruguay and Playa del Carmen/Mexico.

Recommended ebooks to get a feeling for Peru

These are all books I’ve read myself and enjoyed. Hope you’ll also like them. Happy reading!


If you’re a budget traveller, you’ve probably heard about Nomadic Matt, a travel blogger who has been around for more than 10 years. His blog is full of interesting posts and travel tips but he also created several courses to help new bloggers to get started. Here’s his course about the business of travel blogging I purchased and completed last year. If you’re serious about blogging, start with this course. It comes with a great community, by the way.

Super Star Blogging

Matt also offers courses for vlogging, writing and photography, by the way.

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