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Digital Nomads Peru allows and encourages guest posts from other bloggers, no matter whether you are a digital nomad or not. We’re also interested in interviews with digital nomads and people who live in Peru (locals as well as immigrants or temporary residents). To make things easier for you if you’re interested in being featured on our website, we’ve put together some guidelines and requirements.

Guest posts

For the travel section, we’d especially love guests about trekking, hiking, anything adventurous. The reason is simply that I’m a city person who will write a lot about Lima. I’m also interested in Peru’s history and culture but it’s very unlikely that I will ever go to Huaraz or the Rainbow Mountains or do the Inca Trail. However, I certainly know that many people come to Peru for exactly such kind of experiences and that’s why I would like to have articles about treks and remote destinations in the mountains or the jungle on the blog, too.

Lagoon near Huaraz

Visitors and locals at a lagoon near Huaraz which I will most likely never see in reality 🙂

So what are the exact requirements for a guest post?

  • First step: Contact me with a title, a short summary, a timeframe and a link to your blog. Don’t start working on the actual post before you hear back from me.
  • Your domain authority doesn’t matter, quality of the post is much more important.
  • Your text needs to have at least 1,000 words. Please check grammar and spelling. Don’t worry about small mistakes if you’re not a native speaker of English, though. I make them, too.
  • The content needs to be detailed and unique. Don’t copy anything from other posts of yours or (even worse) from other websites.
  • Once the post has been published on Digital Nomads Peru, we own the copyright. That means that you’re not allowed to publish the same post or a very similar one on your own website or somewhere else. Google doesn’t like double content, it would be bad for both of us.
  • Please include 3 – 6 photos of good quality and with a size of at least 800x1200px.
  • Optimize for SEO as good as you can and be prepared that I may make changes for SEO purposes.
  • Make sure to mention the main keyword in the first paragraph and in at least one heading. If you’re not sure about how to choose keywords which are likely to achieve a good ranking on Google, don’t be afraid to mention this and we can work on it together.
  • Don’t include any referral or affiliate links.
  • You may link to one or two suitable posts on your blog as part of your text (DOFOLLOW links) and add your social media accounts at the bottom.

Sounds like a lot of rules? It’s actually nothing extraordinary if you’re a bit familiar with blogging. Ideally, both Digital Nomads Peru and you will benefit from the guest post as far as traffic and reaching new people is concerned.

You might get rejected!

If you contact me and suggest a guest post, I’ll first of all have a look at your blog. As I mentioned above, being a new blogger is totally okay but if I find your blog to look very unprofessional or spammy, I’m likely to tell you a polite no.

The same will happen when you submit a post which has clearly no structure, is difficult to read or full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Or if you ignore all the requirements I listed above.

Interviews Digital Nomads Peru


For the moment being, all interviews will be in written form. That means that I’ll prepare a GoogleDoc with questions and ask you to write your answers. You’re welcome to suggest or add questions you’d like to answer.

Interviews with digital nomads

Digital Nomads Peru is about Peru but also about the digital nomad lifestyle. So if you’d like to be interviewed,  you should be a digital nomad and you should have spent time in Peru (or be currently in Peru). I prepared a template for these interviews. The following topics will be covered in each interview and will be completed by a series of more detailed questions about yourself, your travels and your business or job:

  • When and how did you get started as a digital nomad?
  • How do you make money?
  • Why did you decide to visit Peru?
  • Do you plan to settle down one day?

As mentioned above, you’re welcome to participate actively in the structure of the interview. If we happen to be in the same city for the time of the interview, it would be nice to work on the text together while having a coffee –  or a Pisco sour.

Interviews with Peruvians or residents

Like everywhere in the world, there are amazing people living here in Peru, both Peruvians and immigrants from other countries. As someone who has travelled a lot and lived in various countries, I’ve found that as human beings, we have more in common than what separates us. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re all the same. We have different personalities and different cultural backgrounds which influence the way we think and see the world. And that’s good.

So if you’re Peruvian or if you live here, no matter whether you’re from Venezuela, Chile, Canada, the UK, Russia, Korea or Australia, get in touch if you have a story to share.

Guidelines for interviews

  • Please provide at least 2 – 3 photos, one of them should be a picture of yourself, either portrait or with a landscape/city background – not necessarily of Peru if you’re a digital nomad.
  • No referral or affiliate links are allowed.
  • You may link to one or two blog posts of your own as part of your answers and add your social media accounts at the bottom.
  • Be prepared to answer in detail. With very few exceptions, all posts which are published on Digital Nomads Peru need to have at least 1,000 words. That’s a rule for myself when I write about something and it also applies to interviews.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



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